Yellow Donkey Beer – “Hip Hoppy Kick-Ass Lager”

I woke up when everybody in the house was completely unconscious and snoring (loudly!). With a cup o coffee in hand, music at full volume, an a balcony all to myself; i felt like in the scene of a romantic comedy! It all looked scripted until the scorching sun obligated me to sit on the floor in a tiny corner of shade. A little bit uncomfortably, i soaked up the view, sunbathed, and meditated next to Mumford & Sons, and the sound of the waves 240 meters below me (yes, i could still hear them).

After an hour in the sun, waking my family, and burning the kitchen’s counter with a scolding hot pan, we decided to go to the south of the island; Santorini’s capital, Fira.

We took a bus for €1.60, and its a 20 minute ride. The scenery is beautiful!

Fira has a completely different mood than Oia. Its much more commercial, more tourist oriented, and all in all, its a much bigger city than Oia. Each has their own charm, and both have the same style of houses, hotels, and hundreds of nationalities between the tourists.

Apart from all these differences, the main one is: donkeys! Donkeys are the main attraction of Fira. They are on the postcards, on the souvenirs (as stuffed animals, puppets, pens and keychains), and even on the beer.

When people arrive to the port, and they have to get to the city they have the choice of going up by a cable car, or an old fashioned, much less technological, good old donkey. 240 meters of a ride, and people seem to agree on the fact that its much better to go up, than down! The gravity seems to be on your side when your going against it.

After waling the streets, pretending to be millionaires (like the ones who have exteavagant boats that compete with the cruise ships) (we saw the yacht of the president of Barbie) as we asked the prices of €42,000 and laughed about it as soon as we left the jewelry shop

20120629-124230 a.m..jpg

20120629-124349 a.m..jpg

We sat down on a restaurant, and in the 15 tables, we were the only ones. The owner was our waiter, and didn’t say a single word. We ordered, he nodded, brought the plates, and looked at us like weird animals every time we laughed. Not a single person came into the restaurant while we ate, and the owner still didn’t say a word. On top of that, my dad feels like he’s in Italy (probably because it looks like Positano and the Amalfi Coast) so he speaks the little to no italian he knows, and then switches to spanish for no reason at all.

We ate typical greek food. A greek salad, stuffed peppers with feta cheese, and gyros. Wonderful food (which wasn’t likely judging by the amount of costumers). When i opened the menu, one thing caught my eye under the beer section. Yellow Donkey Beer. The logo is a donkey and the slogan reads: “Hip Hoppy Kick-Ass Ale”. You cant make this stuff up! I had to have it!!! Not the best beer in the world, but it was totally worth it!

20120629-124453 a.m..jpg

20120629-124521 a.m..jpg

We walked around some more, we got on the bus, we stood the whole time of the very intricate road.

As soon as we got to the villa, we received a visit from the owners who are charging €300 for the countertop. After several attempts of negotiation, no change in the negotiation price, and an agreement to settle tomorrow, they left.

The rest of the afternoon, and the sunset was spent on the balcony while my parents relive their childhood, and tell us life changing stories that we somehow haven’t ever heard before. I have now counted 4 meteorites in between the thousands of stars you can see here.


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